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Primary Election August 1st

Local News for You

Our league will tape a forum of candidates for the primary election. We tentatively plan to tape the evening or June 27th with Channel 14, due to the remodeling of the city council chambers. We do not have room for an audience.

The forum will be broadcast on TV, YouTube and available for streaming from our website.

Look for more news about the forum here. We will need some volunteers to welcome the candidates.

Take action by reading more about politics. We have seven book reviews on our Book Review page. The latest one is "Dark Money".

Our state and national Leagues have action items in their newsletters and websites.

Write to your elected officials. To help you, our new They Represent You brochure is available to print. It contains names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of city, county, state and federal elected officials. Keep it on your desk for quick reference!

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