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State speaks out on DACA

Fall Events

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  • Alison McAffree speaks on Resistricting The October meeting, Tuesday, October 10th, was about redistricting led by Alison McCafree (left). She co-authored a book about her grandmother's involvement in redistricting Washington State in the 60's. She is talking with Bev Austin, League member (on the right).

If you missed the meeting, you can download the State League's publication on redistricting.

  • *General Election Ballots are due November 7th. Go to County Auditor website for ballot information.

  • *Ballots will be mailed October 18th to 20th.

  • *October 30th is the last day for new residents to register in person.

  • *View candidates information on

State League Speaks on DACA

The president of the Washington League of Women Voters, Ann Murphy, our former president, has released the following statement on DACA:

State League speaks on DACA

New Book Review

Susan Gray has written a review of: AN AMERICAN SICKNESS How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

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