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Upcoming Meetings:

May 21, Tuesday, 6:00pm Annual Meeting at St. Andrew's Church Social Hall, 2404 N. Howard St.

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April 9th Immigration Meeting

The first speaker was Spokane Councilman Breeann Beggs who discussed on:

1) a proposed ordinance requiring a search warrant before immigration officials can enter city property

2) the proposed ballot initiative recently shot down by WA Court of Appeals empowering city employees to participate in immigration enforcement.

The second speaker, David BeMiller was the acting Chief Patrol Agent of the Spokane Sector, from the Spokane office of the US Border Patrol who discussed what they do and what they don't do.

Breean Beggs
Breean Beggs
David BeMiller
David BeMiller

March 12th Meeting Pictures: Climate Change

Speakers included:

  • Brian Henning, founder and co-chair of, and a teacher of philosophy and environmental studies at Gonzaga
  • Lori Kinnear, Spokane City Councilperson, talking about city efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Kara Odegard, Climates Impact Research Consortium - Spokane

Prof. Brian Henning
Prof. Brian Henning
City Councilwoman Lori Kinnear
Lori Kinnear

Speaker Kara Odegard
Kara Odegard


The new 2019 brochure "They Represent You" just arrived. It contains contact information for all your city, county, state and federal representatives. Click here to download and print.

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Student Dues: Student dues are lowered to $24, thanks to the state and national League of Women Voters

We had a special speaker at our Feb. 19th meeting: Katrina Osborn (WA Secretary of State, Voter Outreach and Education Coordinator).

Katrina with League members:

Katrina Osborn
Katrina Osborn