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Click here to read about the Spokane League Member Presentations that were given at the State Council.

The June Voter, our newsletter, is here.

League of Women Voters Agrees -- Reject the Police Guild contract!

Read the letter to the Mayor and City Council from Co-President Ann Murphy.

George Floyd

We grieve the murders of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives that have been tragically taken at the hands of rogue law enforcement officers who are rarely held fully accountable for their actions. Read more.

The Voter will be published mid-summer with updates from Annual Meeting, LWVWA Council and LWVUS Convention. Voters will be published monthly starting in September.

Speak Up School project

A power-packed training session that will improve the quality, content and diversity of input to the State Redistricting Commissioners.

Click here for information.

Read the Washington Post article Universal Vote-by-Mail doesn't benefit any political party.

The new 2020 TRY, "They Represent You, A Guide to Elected Officials" is here!

Download They Represent You in PDF format for printing.

Here is a picture of Spokane League Member Sherri Gangitano at the Census Outreach Event on Saturday, June 20 at the Michoacana Restaurant in Spokane Valley. As you can see by the ad for this event, many organizations co-sponsored it (including the LWV of the Spokane Area). Sherri_Gangitano_at_Census_Outreach_Event


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  • Where to register online

  • Candidate, election and issues information

League Observer Corps


The following is information for those interested in learning more about the LWVSA Observer Corps program. Print copies of Observer Corps documents will be available at monthly meetings. If you are interested in becoming a LWVSA Observer or if you have questions regarding the program, please email the Observer Corps Chair, Sylvia Oliver, at and leave your preferred contact information.

The function of the Observer Corps is to listen, learn and report back on factual information about proceedings of council, board, commission and advisory committees within our regional city and county government and public schools. Observers assist the League in better understanding the function of our government and schools and importantly call attention to community and public policy issues the League may wish to act/testify on based on League Policy Statements as outlined in the LWVSA Handbook).

The LWVUS Observing Your Government is a valuable resource about the function and utility of the Observer Corps program. The LWVSA Observer Corps Guidelines and FAQS document provides important details about our local program and is required reading for those interested in participating in the LWVSA Observer Corps.

The LWVSA Observer Corps 2020 Government Agencies lists regional Councils, Commissions, Boards and Advisory Committees to choose from. The LWVSA would initially like to focus on meetings of the Spokane City Council, the Spokane County Commissioners, and the Spokane Public School Board. However, if you have an interest in other areas, please feel free to choose where you would like to observe. All observations are useful!!

When attending meetings, the function of League members is simply to observe and take notes about the proceedings and outcomes of the meetings (eg votes). Notes can be taken on the LWVSA Observer Corps Report Form) and brief summary statements can be sent to me via email. Reports will need to be submitted to the Observer Corps Chair prior to the upcoming LWVSA monthly meeting. We will be working to create an online Report Form for greater convenience. Notes will be compiled and shared with the LWVSA Board at their monthly meeting. A summary of the findings of Observer Corps volunteers will be shared with the general membership at monthly meetings and via social media platforms.

Many thanks!! Sylvia Oliver, LWVSA Observer Corps Chair, 2020

Documents Referenced Above:


Report Form (1-17-20)

Handbook Update (Spokane League, 1-3-20)

Government Agencies

Observing Your Government (LWVUS)

Photos from February

March Meeting

Alex Panagotacos speaking at the March LWV Spokane Meeting

League's 100th Birthday, Valentines Day, and 100th Celebration of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. League members celebrated at Forza Coffee

  • Beth Pellicciotti with Christine Eschete and students

Registering Voters at Whitworth University

Voter Registration at Whitworth
Voter Registration at Whitworth Feb. 28th